Longer Combination Vehicles CDL

LCVLCV Driver Training Rules as of June 1, 2004

(FR Doc. 04-6794 Filed 3-29-04)
Mandatory minimum driver training standards are in full swing. To help you comply with these new rules, VATA has completed an approved curriculum to aid in your structuring of your LCV training program, keeping your company in compliance with Federal Standards. Whether it is Training your Drivers, Training your Trainers, customizing the curriculum to meet your companies needs, or just supplying an electronic document with “cut and paste” options for your own curriculum construction efforts, VATA can help. Please give us a call to see what VATA could do for you.

The LCV training has two parts; Classroom and Skills

The training curriculum is required to consists of five areas:

  • Orientation
  • Basic Operation
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Advanced Operations
  • Non‐Driving Activities, such as route and trip planning and cargo and weight considerations

You have two options: 1) Purchase all materials necessary to build your own LCV
training and certifying program which meets all FMCSA req.

The VATA Train‐the‐Trainer program for both the Classroom and Skills Instructorportions.
We will present the complete program to a qualified driver/s, including a Skills Test for a VATA, LCV Certification. We will include the Curriculum, customized PowerPoint presentation, written test (w/answers), Skills training and testing forms and LCV Certificate template.