firetruck driver trainingThe two main killers of firefighters are deaths resulting from heart attacks and vehicle driving accidents. Our course addresses both with special emphasis on the second, vehicle driving accidents. The two proven ways to lower this factor are through driver selection and driver training. The VATA Group’s comprehensive driver training curriculum targets NFPA, EVAP and Commercial Drivers License standards. We also supply the training officer with a detailed driving evaluation report to aid the driver selection process, making your driver training and evaluation dollar a fruitful investment.

VATA’s Driver Training Consists of:

  • Classroom Training
  • Lab or Range Training
  • Skills Training.
  • Behind the wheel road and highway training

Additional items for Apparatus/Ambulance:

  •   Tests for Comprehension
  •   Student Record Manuals (to document each step of driver training)
  •   Driver Course Manuals (for the driver to take with them)
  •   EVIP
  •   Tender Driver Training
  •   Air Brake Systems
  •   Defensive Driving
  •   Vehicle Dynamics
  •   Off Road/Wild-land